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Creativity · 12-28-2013
My friend Susan is a creativity force. Her imaginative winter-themed installations of art and lights are off the wall creative (see photo). I am fortunate to have taught with her and taken her specialty art classes. Based on my observations and experiences, I believe she empowers students by modeling the following behaviors:

Creativity · 12-03-2013
Consider the following four approaches suggested by art educator, Nan E. Hathaway:

Resources · 11-29-2013
Click the speech bubble to access the 2013 holiday toy list from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). "Each year, NAGC invites toy and game manufacturers to submit their newest products for review by students." Their magazine, Parenting for High Potential, highlights this year's entries. The recommended toys and games make great gifts for talented children and their families.

Creativity · 10-23-2013
Question: What can we learn from street artists? This interview-based study highlighted three "redeeming qualities of street art." The research included interviews with 40 Los Angeles-based street artists to gather data about their "behaviors, beliefs, and processes."

Resources · 09-27-2013
What qualities define an exemplary teacher? Three researchers who study exemplary teachers "in the eyes of their students" offer valuable insight. The research included students’ ratings of teachers followed by interviews with the teachers identified as exemplary. The following four themes emerged: Exemplary Teachers: 1. “know and take a personal interest in their students.” 2. “set high expectations for themselves and for their students.” 3. “make content and learning meaningful...

Creativity · 09-14-2013
"That's been done before." "It will never work." "No one else is doing it." "What will people think?" "Sounds like a waste of time to me." "You're doing what?"

Resources · 09-11-2013
A new school year brings many changes. There are new routines and expectations and new hopes for a successful year. For parents of gifted and talented (GT) children, one important consideration is how the new curriculum will meet the needs of their children. While school-wide open house nights are not the time to ask questions about individual children, many GT specialists hold separate open houses and are also willing to meet individually with parents to discuss curriculum. In her article,...

Resources · 09-05-2013
For more information about the 12 teaching techniques, please feel free to contact me. If you liked this post, you may also like "Expert Educational Advice."

Ten Ways to Communicate Better With Your Child
Resources · 08-23-2013
I've found that one of the best ways to communicate with children is to listen (actually this applies to adults too). Some gifted children can be sensitive to barriers to effective communication such as sarcasm, interruptions, and condescension. Gifted or not, child or adult, everyone can benefit from the following ten principals of good communication. They are paraphrased from the countless communication tips found in the book, A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children by James Webb, Janet Gore,...

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