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Welcome!  That’s me, Debra Lemieux, enjoying another education adventure.  Join me on future adventures as I share my products and knowledge of educational practices with children, parents, teachers, and museum professionals.   

My background includes experience in various educational settings – classroom teacher, gifted and talented specialist, museum consultant, and historic house director.  I’ve taught elementary, college, and graduate students in five U.S. states and internationally and have worked/consulted for a variety of museums.  

Along the way, I earned an M.A. (museum education emphasis) from the college of William and Mary and a graduate specialist certificate in gifted education from Johns Hopkins University.  

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the flute, and if you listen carefully, you can hear me squawking as I learn the saxophone.

Education consultant – Debra Lemieux



Walk Two Moons

LitPlan Teacher Pack

Grades 6-9

Teacher's Pet Publications


The Indian in The Cupboard LitPlan Teacher Pack

Grades 3-5

Teacher's Pet Publications

Izzy, Willy-Nilly

LitPlan Teacher Pack

Grades 6-8

Teacher's Pet Publications

Creativity Strategies

for Parents and Educators

 National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention

Pages and Pages of Creativity

Creativity Night 2014


Artful Leadership Convention

Why Museums Matter

Class, Currency, and

Culture in Colonial Annapolis: 

A School Program for

Historic Annapolis Foundation

The Olympics in Ancient Greece: 

An Outreach Program for

Grades Four through Eight

 Fun for the Whole Family

Museum and Summer Creativity Tips

Carroll County (MD) Public Schools

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