4 Creativity "Boosters" for 21st Century Learners













Consider the following four approaches suggested by art educator, Nan E. Hathaway:

"Shiny Happy Tree"  American Visionary Art Museum
"Shiny Happy Tree" American Visionary Art Museum

1. " Facilitate genuinely open-ended projects; those for which the outcome cannot be predicted."


2.  "Embrace opportunities for students to learn from mistakes:  Don't work out the problems ahead of time for them in an attempt to produce "no fail" projects."


3.  "Withhold exemplars, which can encourage imitation and hinder the development of original ideas and approaches."


4.  "Permit self-initiated exploration."

In short, the best learning is child-driven.  This occurs when children are able to create, explore, investigate, and question in "their own ways."  Read more of Nan Hathaway's suggestions at:


Hathaway, N. (Nov. 2013).  Boost Creativity and Innovation. Arts and Activities.


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