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My friend Susan is a creativity force. Her imaginative winter-themed installations of art and lights are off the wall creative (see photo).  I am fortunate to have taught with her and taken her specialty art classes.  Based on my observations and experiences, I believe she empowers students by modeling the following behaviors:



1. She has a serene manner and listens well.  She rarely interrupts, even if she knows what a student is going to say.  Her patience often yields more thoughtful responses.

2.  She focuses on process more than product.  She allows students time to create, experiment, and problem solve rather than providing them with examples of finished products.

3.  She creates a stimulating environment where divergent thinking is promoted.  Independence and self-assessment are encouraged. 

4.  She models creativity by learning and trying new things - with a great deal of inner motivation. 

She embodies the Snowflake Model of Creativity. 


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