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A new school year brings many changes.  There are new routines and expectations and new hopes for a successful year.  For parents of gifted and talented (GT) children, one important consideration is how the new curriculum will meet the needs of their children.  While school-wide open house nights are not the time to ask questions about individual children, many GT specialists hold separate open houses and are also willing to meet individually with parents to discuss curriculum. 

In her article, What Should I Ask About the Gifted Education Program at My Child's School, Dr. Carolyn Cooper provides the following questions to help determine if your child's school has a gifted program, and if so, how is it meeting her needs. 

1.  "Does your school have a special program for gifted and talented students?  If not, what plans are there to develop one, and when might such a program materialize?"

2.  "What is the program's goal for gifted and talented students?" 

3.  "Which philosophical model undergirds the program?"

4.  "Which criteria are used to identify students for the GT education program?"

5.  "How many specially trained, certificated teachers of GT students are on your school's staff?"

6.  "Does the GT teacher (or specialist) meet with identified GT students on a regular schedule?  If so, how often is regular?"

To help you learn more about a school's GT program, Dr. Cooper also provides practical information for each question.  For example, she addresses various GT program models, identification criteria, and individual learning needs. 

You can read the entire article in the magazine, Parenting for High Potential.
The Buzz:  What Should I Ask About the Gifted Education Program at My Child's School?
Cooper, Carolyn R.  Parenting for High Potential (March 2011):  6-7.


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