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Each animal on the planet can be classified –thanks to Carl Linnaeus
Activities · 11-02-2016
With trick-or-treaters still categorizing Halloween candy, it is a good time to introduce students to Carl Linnaeus. He liked putting things into categories too – especially plants and animals. In the wonderful children’s book, The Right Word: Roget and his Thesaurus, Jen Bryant describes Carl Linnaeus as a man who “put the names of animals and plants in categories, and that made nature much easier to study.” His classification system has seven levels, and each animal on the planet can...

How comic books support literacy
Books · 10-10-2016
Comic book fans at the National Book Festival, 2016

Relax in an adirondack chair this summer
Phew! Spring cleaning is done, and summer is underway with our redesigned website. Feel free to explore and stayed tuned for more. . .

5 Classroom Practices to Do at Home
Resources · 05-05-2016
When I was a classroom teacher, I often felt conflicted about time management. It seemed there was never enough time to incorporate the creative spontaneity of children. It was always difficult to align the students’ excitement for learning new things with instructional goals and responsibilities. The following classroom practices helped me shift from a time-pressured adult to a nurturing motivator. Parents can use them at home too. 1. Laugh. I often use humor to reduce stress. It’s good to...

Explore jazz with these five all-star selections
Music · 04-04-2016
April is a wonderful month – spring is in the air, trees are showing their leaves, birds are chirping, and everyone feels more energized. It’s the perfect time of year for Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). Created at the National Museum of American History, JAM encourages everyone to participate in jazz. You can celebrate by learning more about one of the jazz legends whose birthday falls in April: Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Dodds, Lionel Hampton,...

Music · 03-14-2016
March is Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM), an annual celebration to promote the benefits of music education programs in our schools. Along with the joy of sharing their love of music with children, music educators are also highlighting the many ways music inspires. Music is an important subject for students. In addition to the many ways music enriches our brains, playing a musical instrument may also help children overcome anxiety, focus attention, and control emotions. Music educators...

cherry blossoms
Creativity · 02-29-2016
Cherry Blossoms in the Spring, Created by Joyce, Age 14, Grade 8, Oil on canvas, Art Teacher: Ellen Shlayan

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