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September’s resources offer a wide range of content to begin the new school year as an inspired teacher.


From tips to getting the school year off to a good start to ideas for back to school night, September’s resources offered a wide range of content to begin the school year inspired. 


Thank you readers of If Then Creativity for learning from and with us and for joining us in our mission to create quality educational services and products. If Then Creativity exists for you.  


The first weeks of school:  Support and Suggestions

3 Must Do’s On the First Day of School

5 Tips to Create a Positive Learning Environment the First Weeks of School

How Creating and Practicing Classroom Procedures Early in the School Year Can Save Your Sanity

Back to School Night Tips From Real Teachers


Teacher knowledge that supports student learning:

Advice on How to Handle Student’s Questions About Difficult Current Events

4 Ways to Build Excitement for Reading Nonfiction

Teacher Tips for Calling a Student's Parents


Are you looking for new ways to integrate the arts into your classroom?  


Download our image integration activity, A Picture to Ponder.  It is a wonderful way to jump-start students' critical and creative thinking.  Looking closely at art enables students to think and express themselves in new ways, while appreciating the perspectives of others.  They develop an awareness of historical context, conceptual learning, and creative possibilities.  


Vincent van Gogh, Farmhouse in Provence, 1888 Image Use:  open access

Vincent van Gogh, Farmhouse in Provence, 1888

Image Use:  open access

A Picture to Ponder
An image interpretation activity to jump-start students' critical and creative thinking.
Picture to Ponder.pdf
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Here are 8 great articles I read in September about teaching/learning/education.  


Newbery/Caldecott predictions.


 A simple question about what motivates her child, led to this parent’s response.  


 Some experts say learning styles do not exist.


 “Students making projects, around their passions, collaborating with peers, and maintaining a playful attitude.”


The 3-step lesson plan.


 There is a gap between student creative expression at home and at school.


 The many ways paper remains essential for productive learning.  


Administrators, teachers need your support. 


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