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Hello everyone. Whether you’re reading If Then Creativity to augment your teacher toolbox or to cultivate self-care routines, thank you for joining us this past month.


July’s messages explored ways to assess and analyze our teaching approaches, while taking care to avoid burnout. Experimenting with new teaching tools and techniques helps us grow as teachers, as does finding positive ways to handle challenges and stress. Staying motivated and challenged isn’t about following someone else’s advice, it’s about finding what works best for you. With the right “tools”, we are better equipped to inspire and teach others.  


Assess your teaching practices and outlook with the following posts:  

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If you're looking for new ways to develop professionally and connect with colleagues, download our Book Study Tool Kit. Professional development does not have to be a formal, dry exercise- it can be a lot of fun and our Book Study Tool Kit provides a great framework to both have fun and learn new teaching approaches at the same time.  A collaborative book discussion is an important way to engage in critical conversation, enhance classroom repertoire, and increase student learning. 


Download our Reading Guide and Bookmarks for Thinking, Discussion, and Reflection.


Professional Learning: The Book Study Tool Kit
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Here are 6 articles about teaching/education/learning I read in July.  

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