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Activities · 03-08-2014
A warm-up is a short activity at the start of a lesson to jump-start students' thinking. Warm-ups have many purposes including: to introduce a new topic to reinforce skills to motivate students to prepare students to learn to assess how much students know The following warm-up uses data from a pedometer to reinforce math skills, geography, health, and well being. It also models how to incorporate exercise into a daily routine. (My students joked about my pedometer habit but were often curious...

Activities · 02-26-2014
Numberphile provides imaginative links to videos of creative math content and problems. The blog, Visualizing Math, is a visual delight and run by two amazing high school students in Minnesota. If you need a math definition or formula, try Mathwords which includes information from beginning algebra to calculus. If you know someone who likes playing SET, the challenging game of memory and visual perception, share the SET puzzle of the day. Designed for use with introductory college math courses,...

Activities · 09-25-2013
The mental math problems below are both fun and challenging. Children must listen, combine the information, remember the information, and perform the operation. It is a playful way to reinforce facts and offers an alternative to rote memorization. This set is appropriate for children in grades 3-4, depending on their math levels, but you can alter the operations or content to differentiate for individual needs. After you complete these problems, have the children create their own. Encourage...

Activities · 07-08-2013
If you are looking for math resources for your child, especially math fact reinforcement, visit the website The game room section includes math facts concentration which is a challenge for younger students because the player has to know the math facts and remember the placement of the cards.

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