PediMath Warm-up

A warm-up is a short activity at the start of a lesson to jump-start students' thinking.  Warm-ups have many purposes including:

  • to introduce a new topic
  • to reinforce skills
  • to motivate students
  • to prepare students to learn
  • to assess how much students know 


The following warm-up uses data from a pedometer to reinforce math skills, geography, health, and well being.  It also models how to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.  (My students joked about my pedometer habit but were often curious about my total number of steps.)


Use my March 8, 2014 pedometer data to answer the following questions. 


  • I walk 14,000 steps per day.
  • 10,000 steps equals approximately 5 miles.


1.  What 2 hour time period has the most steps? 

2.  What 2 hour time period has the least steps?

3.  How many steps will I walk in 5 days?  15 days?

4.  Assuming I walk the same number of steps each day, how many days would it take me to walk from    Disneyland to Legoland? (California Parks)

5.  How many days would it take me to walk from Disney World to Legoland?  (Florida Parks)


3/8/14 data
pedometer data.pdf
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