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Museums · 03-12-2014
Research in Brief In the classroom, students often tune out teachers who talk too much. Likewise, in the museum, too much information about art can cause eyes to glaze over. What follows are 3 guidelines for sharing information while promoting dialogue about art. Question: How can we use information effectively within dialogues about art? 1. Be informed, yet consider the relevance of the information to the audience. "What an adult finds helpful might not be useful to an 8-year-old." 2. Invite...

Activities · 10-03-2013
The following clue card activity is a great introduction to six artists, and you can never go wrong when sharing art with children. Experiences in the arts are essential to learning. Additional geography, art terms, and cultural history clues serve as springboards for enrichment in other areas of study. Like my previous activity, Name That Building, it is a fun way to lead children on a research hunt. Clue cards can also be used as assessment tools after museum field trips or independent...

Books · 09-30-2013
Museum Monday Since many museums are closed on Mondays, I'll bring a museum to you. This week it's in the form of a clever book, Unlikely Pairs, by Bob Raczka. If you need a creative way to introduce famous works of art to children, try sharing this book with them. What Bob Raczha does is encourage children (or adults) to make imaginative connections by grouping 28 famous works of art into 14 "unlikely pairs." While the pairs are unlikely to be seen next to each other in a museum exhibit, they...

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