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spring is on the way!
Activities · 02-24-2015
In many primary grade classrooms, the school day starts with a morning calendar activity. Calendar time is the time to share birthdays, announcements, the lunch menu, and the daily schedule. It’s a wonderful time to build community and reinforce a variety of social skills. Calendar activities can also extend academic skills. The following calendar clues extend math concepts such as time sequencing (before/after) and adding/subtracting the dates of special events. These clues can be used with...

Everyone needs friends
Activities · 02-18-2015
Everyone needs friends, and we all want to feel connected and valued by others. Some of us may have a few close friends, while others have a wide range of friendships. Among children, peer relationships can be a challenge. Some children may worry about being part of a certain group or have a hard time fitting in. In addition to nurturing imagination and discovery, books can help children address struggles they may be experiencing in their lives - especially friendship issues. (I’m planning a...

L'arbre de la Famille

book heart
Activities · 02-09-2015
The following prompt options encourage children to apply their knowledge of a book character. Children select one of the following choices to answer (and support with elaboration). This activity can be used for class discussions, writing activities, student-generated questionnaires, games, question cubes, or any format that promotes creativity. Better yet, have children add their own options to the list. Which book character would you “love” to . . . create a playlist of songs for? have on...

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