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The following prompt options encourage children to apply their knowledge of a book character.  Children select one of the following choices to answer (and support with elaboration). This activity can be used for class discussions, writing activities, student-generated questionnaires, games, question cubes, or any format that promotes creativity.  Better yet, have children add their own options to the list.  

Which book character would you “love” to . . .

create a playlist of songs for?
have on your sport’s team?
help you with your homework?
ask a question?
take to a movie?
play video games with?
cook a meal for?
have in your book club?
play a board game with?
design an app for?
tell a secret to?
have as a sibling?
trade places with?
travel with?
send a valentine to?
paint a portrait of?
be stranded on an island with?
buy a present for?
have as a teacher?
create a comic strip about?
play outside with?
go to Disney World with?
have as a best friend?

P.S. Generally I would use the word “like” instead of “love.”  However, since it’s February…

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