7 Calendar Clues to Extend Math Concepts

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In many primary grade classrooms, the school day starts with a morning calendar activity.  Calendar time is the time to share birthdays, announcements, the lunch menu, and the daily schedule. It’s a wonderful time to build community and reinforce a variety of social skills.

Calendar activities can also extend academic skills.  The following calendar clues extend math concepts such as time sequencing (before/after) and adding/subtracting the dates of special events. 

These clues can be used with primary-aged children to learn more about upcoming dates in March, April, May and June.  Using a shared calendar and a search engine such as KidRex, primary students can team up with upper elementary “buddies” to answer the questions.  At home, parents can guide children to find the answers by teaching them about keywords and search terms.  Once children are familiar with the activity, have them make their own calendar clues. 

Calendar Clues to Extend Math Skills
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