Notes on How to Encourage a Child's Music Abilities

Notes on How to Encourage a Child's Music Ability

We all know the importance of nurturing children’s strengths and interests.  Whether it’s praise for reading or a conversation about their artistic creations, encouraging a child’s self-expression, creativity, and excitement is important.

For example, I have watched many children develop an interest in music.  Some liked creating silly songs or singing in our classroom.  Others discovered a serious passion for an instrument and would practice daily. Whatever their capabilities, nurturing their enjoyment of music was as important as nurturing their skills.  Students enjoyed building their musical creative expression with activities such as: 

  • Leading the class in a song to start or end the day.
  • Performing in the cafeteria or library.
  • Writing songs to help others learn something such as state capitals, foreign language words, math facts, directions, etc. 
  • Listening to music from other countries to learn words in another language.
  • Using song lyrics as writing prompts for short stories, journal entries, poems, or even other songs.
  • Creating learning contracts that combined their musical interests with other subjects.
  • Writing songs about favorite books or book characters. 

The enhancement of cognitive abilities occurs when children have learning opportunities that encourage creativity and self-expression.  Music can play a role in expanding your children’s interests and motivation.  


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