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Notes on How to Encourage a Child's Music Ability
Music · 02-12-2017
We all know the importance of nurturing children’s strengths and interests. Whether it’s praise for reading or a conversation about their artistic creations, encouraging a child’s self-expression, creativity, and excitement is important. For example, I have watched many children develop an interest in music. Some liked creating silly songs or singing in our classroom. Others discovered a serious passion for an instrument and would practice daily. Whatever their capabilities, nurturing...

Beautiful wildflowers
Music · 03-21-2015
The song, “Over in the Meadow” is a traditional sing-a-long song that allows young children to sing, count, rhyme, and make animal sounds. The song’s rhythmic pattern also encourages musical experimentation. A group of third graders revised this happy song by rewriting the lyrics. We also spent time discussing why the rhyme pattern appeals to young children. The excited third graders decided rewriting the lyrics was a great opportunity to introduce preschoolers to a few new animals They...

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