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Origami Christmas Trees
Activities · 12-16-2014
Your creative branches delight us!

Activities · 12-10-2014
By combining origami skills and geometric thinking, sixth and seventh grade students created octagons that transform into pinwheels. Mathematical vocabulary described the folds and shapes, and geometric thinking enabled students to determine interior angle measures (without using a protractor). The activity also reinforced plenty of collaboration, cooperation, and color theory. My source was Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math, which is a project designed by the National Council of...

Line Designs
Activities · 11-25-2014
I recently shared a few of Victor Vasarely’s prints with a group of sixth grade students. He was a Hungarian/French Abstract Painter (1908-1997) and is recognized as the “father” of Op Art. After viewing his art, the students were inspired to create Op Art of their own. They practiced making simple parabolic line designs, then continued with more difficult angles and shapes. By combining two or more angles, a variety of designs can be made that reveal the beauty of illusions. In addition...

My Wife and My Mother-in-Law
Activities · 10-16-2014
Share the classic old woman/young woman illusion with children. Ask them what they see. "Why do some of you see a young woman and others see an old woman?" "How do you know it’s an old woman/young woman?" Encourage them to understand how we all see things differently. Discuss how everyone has different perceptions and perspectives. Our differing backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences shape how we react to situations. One way to foster the value of different perspectives is through art....

Activities · 09-26-2014
I recently read a blog post about book characters who would make “awesome friends.”  Since good friends are helpful in promoting lifelong learning, I immediately thought of Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web and how her sweet face could jump-start the following reading promotion. The library media specialist (or teacher) would put up a large white board or a large piece of bulletin board paper in the media center or other communal area. Students use the white board to share book...

Activities · 07-17-2014
I'm glad you're enjoying the “problem of the day" math cards! Here are a few more. Simply cut them out to share when you have a few "math minutes." The cards are appropriate for upper elementary aged children, however the entire family may enjoy them.

Activities · 07-14-2014
Engage mathematical minds with the Guinness World Records Officially Amazing 2014 edition. This book’s “augmented reality” allows readers to virtually meet record holders. Download the free app to see 3D animations, videos, and other interactive features. (In the image below, I’m getting a little too close to the largest carnivorous dinosaur.) The book creates a spirit of inquiry and is a fun resource for developing math problems, strategies, and wacky ideas.

Music · 07-11-2014
Can’t go wrong with using the first line of a song as a writing prompt for a short story, journal entry, poem, or even another song! The following list will motivate young writers and introduce them to the Great American Songbook. As we know, art is one of the best ways to promote creativity fluency.

Activities · 07-06-2014
There are many fun ways to reinforce math skills throughout the summer. The following “problem of the day" cards will get your child’s math (and creativity) juices flowing. Simply cut them out to share when you have a few "math minutes." The cards are appropriate for upper elementary aged children, however the entire family may enjoy them! Next week, I will share more.

Activities · 06-21-2014
Upon entering my classroom, students would often head straight to the “wordplay of the day” section of the room, where I had warmups to jumpstart our thinking. They loved the challenge of solving word puzzles, codes, palindromes, and especially anagrams. What is an anagram? It is a word (or phrase) that is made by rearranging the letters. For example, face can be rearranged to form the word cafe. They see is an anagram of the eyes. The following Anagram Concentration Game will introduce...

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