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Activities · 06-29-2017
If you’re a teacher looking for fun ways to earn extra money this summer, consider these job ideas.

Why Students Need Their Summers Off
Resources · 06-22-2017
Fourth graders share why students need their summers off.

Read these 5 reasons why teachers need their summers off
Resources · 06-20-2017
Good teachers have high expectations not only for their students but for themselves too. They work hard and go way beyond the three Rs. Here are 5 reasons why teachers need their summers off:

Activities · 07-22-2013
I always disliked tedious math fact drills, but the mental math problems below are both fun and challenging. Children must listen, combine the information, remember the information, and add. It is a playful way to reinforce basic addition facts and offers an alternative to rote memorization. This addition set is appropriate for children in grades 2-4, depending on their math levels. When you complete this set of problems, have the children create their own. Encourage them to use groups of items...

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