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What are your favorite toys?
Activities · 12-09-2016
As King Moonracer tells Rudolph in the classic Christmas special, “A toy is never truly happy until it is loved by a child.” Classic toys, like Lego, inspire creative play and have been loved for generations. Other toys, such as Beanie Babies, achieve fad-like status only to fade away in popularity. Regardless of how long a toy remains popular, marketing is a key part of a toy’s success. How would you market your favorite toy? Sixty-two classic toys have been inducted into the National...

12 Classic Toys:  Which One Gets Your Vote?
Museums · 10-04-2015
The Etch A Sketch, the Hula Hoop, and Lego are three toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed great popularity. They are also members of the National Toy Hall of Fame. To date, 56 toys have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, which is part of The Strong, a wonderful “interactive, collections-based educational institution devoted to the study and exploration of play." It is one of the largest history museums in the United States and one of the leading museums serving...

Books · 07-19-2013
Playtime and summertime go together, and play is important in children's development and learning. It develops creativity and imagination, and allows children to make their own choices. Play-based learning takes children on adventures of their own choosing. Play is why young children love the book, Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. This simple, yet endearing book illustrates the adventures children experience while playing with a cardboard box. Yes, you read that correctly – a cardboard box....

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