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The Power of Picture Books
Books · 11-11-2016
Recently, I read an article about what books do for the human soul. The author explained how good literature makes us nicer because it allows us to consider someone else’s point of view. Good literature also allows us to consider our actions on others and provides us with examples of being kind and generous. Good picture books also enhance our lives. With their wide array of topics and vivid artistry, these books play a key role in fostering a child’s imagination, creativity, and interest...

How comic books support literacy
Books · 10-10-2016
Comic book fans at the National Book Festival, 2016

What would you miss if you were illiterate?
Books · 11-25-2015
If you have ever attended a book festival, you know how fun it is to share the enjoyment of reading with others. At the National Book Festival in Washington D.C., enthusiastic readers (of all ages) attend numerous author talks, book-signings, and family-centered activities that emphasize the importance of lifelong literacy. This year, while wandering through one of the pavilions, I learned about the work of Room to Read. This non-profit believes that “World Change Starts with Educated...

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