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March into Healthy Eating During National Nutrition Month
Activities · 03-06-2017
We all know that what we eat is vital to good health, but it’s often hard to convey that to children. We say, “eat your vegetables” and and they think, “stop nagging me.” Learning about nutritious fruits and vegetables can be fun when we get creative. Fruits and vegetables come in many colors including, red, blue/purple, yellow, green, and orange. Once children know a balanced diet includes foods from each of these colors, they start looking for vibrant colored food at the grocery...

Summer at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art by Phillip Haas
Activities · 10-20-2015
Artist Phillip Haas’ 15-foot-tall sculptures on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art are amazing. Entitled The Four Seasons, they are 3-dimensional interpretations of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's portrait series of the same name. Arcimboldo was an Italian Renaissance painter best known for creating "composite head" paintings. These paintings were composed of items such as tree roots, flowers, and vegetables. Exploring these sculptures with children inspires fun and creativity. Children love...

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