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Magna Carta
Museums · 11-30-2014
The best Black Friday bargain was the free exhibit featuring the Lincoln Cathedral Magna Carta at the Library of Congress. One of only four existing manuscript copies that date to 1215, the document is “a world treasure – an artifact whose creation became the foundation of the rule of law for England and for much of the modern world.” This British Charter of Liberties had a “powerful influence on the founding documents of the United States.” In addition to telling the story of how...

Line Designs
Activities · 11-25-2014
I recently shared a few of Victor Vasarely’s prints with a group of sixth grade students. He was a Hungarian/French Abstract Painter (1908-1997) and is recognized as the “father” of Op Art. After viewing his art, the students were inspired to create Op Art of their own. They practiced making simple parabolic line designs, then continued with more difficult angles and shapes. By combining two or more angles, a variety of designs can be made that reveal the beauty of illusions. In addition...

Debra Lemieux at NAGC convention
Creativity · 11-19-2014
I had a great time at last week’s National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) conference in Baltimore. The conference offers countless professional development opportunities and learning experiences. This year’s theme, “Making Inroads for Gifted Learners” reflects “the headway made by the field over the years, as well as the larger reason we gather together to learn and grow: to make a difference for gifted and high ability children around the country.” Presenting at Friday’s...

Books · 11-13-2014
“Science,” by Millard Owen Sheets at the Department of Interior, Washington, D.C. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

influential toys
Museums · 11-05-2014
Recently, TIME reporter Allie Townsend selected the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present. (Now I know why I can’t cook, I never had an Easy-Bake Oven. But I still have Silly Putty, Jacks, a few Matchbox cars, and a Barrel of Monkeys.) It’s interesting to compare the toys on Time’s list to those inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. The National Toy Hall of Fame is part of The Strong, a wonderful “interactive, collections-based educational institution devoted to the...

Use Your Library
Books · 11-01-2014
Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress)

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