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Creativity · 01-28-2015
Some creative people learn to work anywhere – alone in a room facing blank walls or seated in a cubicle with lots of interruptions. Artist Howard Solomon works and lives in a castle he built in a central Florida swamp (in the middle of nowhere). Made from discarded aluminum printing plates, the castle is filled with Solomon’s “junk art” metal sculptures, stained glass windows and wood carvings. Each piece makes a comic statement -– often sarcastic. Like Howard himself, the castle is...

Books · 01-21-2015
In Ungifted Intelligence Redefined, Scott Barry Kaufman shares detailed research on the nature and development of intelligence, creativity, and talent. He combines his research with a personal narrative that allows readers to see the world through his eyes: “This includes the early pain and confusion I felt at being labeled ungifted as well as the tremendous sense of victory and success I felt later when I defied everyone’s expectations of what was possible. Through engaging in fascinating...

Resources · 01-16-2015
Spending time outdoors is good for children (and parents). According to the Nature Conservancy, there are many benefits: “Kids need nature. Studies repeatedly show that time spent outside in nature leads to better health and improvement in the classroom.” I agree, when I’m cooped up indoors for too long, I get lethargic. I can still hear my mother’s voice, “Get outside and out of the house!” I grew up in Maine, and this time of year, we bundled up in our chunky Carter wool overalls...

Children reading
Activities · 01-12-2015
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Resources · 01-08-2015
Exposing your children to a variety of activities helps them discover their passions and talents, and I'm sure your child likes to try new things. Perhaps s/he would like to learn a foreign language. If you are fluent in a foreign language, you probably already speak it at home. If not, try the popular website and free mobile app, Duolingo. While there are many features that make Duolingo easy to use, I like how children can start speaking the language immediately, using food and animal names...

WPA Reading Poster
Books · 01-03-2015
Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress)

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