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What books are on your back-to-school reading list?

Use wish rocks as inspiration for the new school year.
Activities · 08-26-2015
I’ve collected wish rocks for as long as I can remember. Finding a stone that has a line wrapped around it always makes me happy. The smooth wish rocks discovered along beaches or lakes are the most exquisite. Wish rocks also make good birthday presents. In addition to making a wish while blowing out the candles, there is another wish to look forward to. They are useful at the beginning of the school year too. Give students wish rocks as a way to enhance creativity. Ask students to think...

American Visionary Art Museum.  What does your visionary learning environment include?
Creativity · 08-14-2015
If you have visited the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore, you have experienced an environment filled with self-taught, intuitive artistry. “Since its opening in 1995, the museum has sought to promote the recognition of intuitive, self-reliant, creative contribution as both an important historic and essential living piece of treasured human legacy.” The museum’s education goals include “increasing awareness of the wide variety of choices available in life for all . . ....

Peer selected books create student led discussions
Books · 08-06-2015
Book lovers appreciate the recommendations of other readers. My friend Nikki is an avid reader, and I often ask for her “must-read” books. She is familiar with my interests and rarely lets me down. Children are no different. When asked how they find new books, they often mention their peers as motivators. This peer choice results in a wonderful opportunity for children to engage in critical and creative thinking based upon book choice. In flexible informal groups, children can develop...

Children Talk About Art:  My Formal Living Room in Perspective
Creativity · 08-02-2015
Children have many ideas about the creative process and bring unique experiences to their artistic adventures. Creating art helps them learn more about themselves, others, and the world. Writing about their art further refines their ideas, thoughts and experiences.

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