5 Things Teachers Can Do Right Now to Prepare for the New School Year

Early bird teachers start everthing early.  Non-early-birders prepare at their own pace.


Early bird teachers start everything early. They wake up early (even on vacation), they arrive early to meetings, submit their lesson plans early, and are prepared for the first day of school weeks in advance.  


Non-early birders prepare and plan at their own pace by setting deadlines to get things done. With the days of summer still plentiful, here are five, easy new school year tasks for teachers of all paces to add to their teacher survival kit.

  1. Read children’s and young-adult books. Discover new authors you enjoy and authors for all age levels. In the fall, as you guide students to new books appropriate for their age and interests, your summer reading will pay off with a “What Your Teacher Read This Summer” bulletin board.  
  1. After reading books you enjoy, create fun literacy centers. For example, reinforce these clever “wordplay” picture books with “brain game” word centers.  

The Alphabet Thief  Brain Game  

What is the pattern you see?

If Then Creativity Brain GamesCan you come up with two more that fit the pattern?  

  1. Make or buy a retro pocket apron. It will definitely come in handy the first week of school!
  1. Cultivate a growth mindset. Psychologist Carol Dweck’s theory details how two mindsets – fixed and growth – exist in all of all us. Whether we view aspects of our lives through the fixed or growth mindset can make a big difference. The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher’s Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve is an excellent how-to-guide for teachers to implement a growth-oriented atmosphere in their classrooms and in themselves.  

If Then Creativity Westminster Maryland

  1. As you prepare for the new school year, continue to relax and decompress. Don’t overdo it; relish the sweet days of the fleeting summer. 

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