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Newbery Medal Winner 2017:  The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

Barnhill, Kelly.  The Girl Who Drank the Moon.  Algonquin, 2016. 
Winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal

A witch lives in the forest, and the people of the Protectorate fear her.  They have taken steps to never see her, with terrible consequences.  But the witch in the forest is kind, as is her child, Luna, whose magic is more powerful than anything.
Ages 10+

Josephine by Patricia Hruby Powell

Hruby Powell, Patricia. Pictures by Christian Robinson.  Josephine.  Chronicle Books, 2014.  
Coretta Scott King Book Award, Illustrator, Honor
Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award, Honor
Boston Globe–Horn Book Award, Nonfiction Honor

Overcoming racism and poverty, Josephine danced and sang to her own beat.  Audiences clapped and cheered.  In Paris, she became a star!  This incredible woman even became a spy for the French resistance and adopted 12 children – all from different countries. 
Ages 10+

As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

Reynolds, Jason.  As Brave as You.  Atheneum, 2016. 
Schneider Family Book Award Winner
Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book

Brothers Ernie and Genie must spend a month in rural Virginia with their grandparents.  As they learn more about their family and the new surroundings, it becomes clear “they’re both in for big surprises.” 
Ages 10+

They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel

Wenzel, Brendan.  They All Saw a Cat.  Chronicle Books, 2016.
2017 Caldecott Honor Book

As a cat walks through the world, many sets of eyes see the cat.  Perspective shapes what they see in unique ways.

Ages 3-10

This is the Rope:  A Story From the Great Migration

Woodson, Jacqueline.  Illustrations by James Ransome.  This is the Rope:  A Story from the Great Migration.  Nancy Paulsen Books, 2013.


For three generations, a piece of rope is passed down to serve many purposes –  a jumprope, a clothesline, a means of tying down suitcases, etc.  Linking family memories, the rope retains the past while embracing the future. 
Ages 5-10. 


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