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The Wonder of Snow on a Forever Stamp
Books · 01-08-2017
Ezra Jack Keats’ joyful picture book, The Snowy Day, will be honored on a set of postage stamps later this year. The U.S. Postal Service will showcase four stamps of “main character Peter exploring and playing in his neighborhood while wearing his iconic red snowsuit.” The Snowy Day remains one of the most beloved and influential children’s picture books. It is a Caldecott Award-winning classic that transports readers into a snowy world of wonder. Published during the 1960s civil-rights...

Books · 02-09-2014
Wilson Bentley was born in the season of winter, and snow, specifically snowflakes, became his passion. A self-educated farmer, from rural Jericho, Vermont, "Snowflake" Bentley became the first person to photograph a snowflake on glass plate in 1885. His innovative process involved capturing snowflakes on black velvet and photographing the image via a camera connected to a microscope. During his lifetime, Bentley amassed over 5,000 snowflake photographs! These images are so beautiful, his book...

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