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A Young Giver of Kindness
Books · 09-27-2016
A small act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. Simple gestures such as a smile or lending a helping hand can be transformative. There is also evidence that giving or receiving kindness is healthy for us. Treating others with kindness yields positive feelings, which can lift our moods and increase resilience and resourcefulness. These healthy benefits also apply to children. One book that exemplifies these positive feelings is the beautiful picture book, Sidewalk Flowers. In this wordless...

Beautiful Black-Eyed Susans in Maryland
Books · 07-24-2016
As a child, I never needed incentives to read. Reading made me happy and also helped me relax. I reread favorites until they were well worn. Recently, I parted with some childhood books that I had saved. Many were presents from family and friends, so the emotional task took a long time to complete. When they were all packed for the last time, I consoled myself by visiting the library. If you’re looking for ways to encourage children to read, I suggest that you read too. Visit the library,...

A Sick Day for Amos McGee:  A Book Character Who Makes an Impact on Others
Books · 05-25-2016
My friend Jerry reminds me of the book character Amos McGee. Like Amos, he is friendly, patient, and generous with his time. Even though he has a lot to do, he always makes time to visit. Erin Stead won the 2011 Caldecott Medal for A Sick Day for Amos McGee, which was written by her husband Philip Stead. The book, about a zookeeper who always has time for his animal friends, is lovely and charming – much like the illustrator. She won the medal at quite a young age – late twenties. In fact...

Check Out These Books!
Books · 04-21-2016
Campoy, F. Isabel. Howell, Theresa. (Illustrated by Rafael Lopez). Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016. A girl who lives to doodle, draw, color, and paint lives in a gray city. An artist sees one of her artworks, and they begin to spread color and joy throughout the streets. (Rafael Lopez is both the illustrator of the book and the inspiration for the artist.) Ages 4-9.

Recent Reads:  Big Wolf & Little Wolf,  Such a Beautiful Orange!
Books · 02-09-2016
Brun-Cosme, Nadine. Big Wolf & Little Wolf, Such a Beautiful Orange! New York: Enchanted Lion Books, 2011. Big Wolf uses courage and “howls as no wolf has howled before” in his search to find Little Wolf. This is the third and last book in the Big Wolf series. Ages 4-8

Books · 01-11-2016
"Recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent, ALA awards guide parents, educators, librarians and others in selecting the best materials for youth. Selected by judging committees of librarians and other children’s experts, the awards encourage original and creative work." American Library Association

Who Invented Earmuffs?
Books · 12-20-2015
According to author Meghan McCarthy, “Chester Greenwood may not have been the first inventor of earmuffs, but he was probably the youngest.” After testing various versions of his earmuffs, he devised a tight steel band that held his “mufflers” in place. At age nineteen, he received the patent for his ear-mufflers. And now, 138 years later, Chester and his champion ear protectors are celebrated each December in Farmington, Maine. Learn more about what makes Chester Greenwood unique in...

Don't ruin a good story.  Be kind to books.
Books · 12-12-2015
Regular readers of this blog know how much I like the vintage posters from the Be Kind to Books Club. Created by Arlington Gregg in the 1930s, these Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters taught young patrons about proper book care. Lucy Jakub, a college student and Library of Congress Junior Fellow, recently updated the series with literary characters from the public domain. She selected characters that would help teach children how to care for their books. For example, “Dracula...

Books · 06-29-2013
Why picture books matter

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