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Wee Willie Winkie poster
Books · 10-24-2014
Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress)

My Wife and My Mother-in-Law
Activities · 10-16-2014
Share the classic old woman/young woman illusion with children. Ask them what they see. "Why do some of you see a young woman and others see an old woman?" "How do you know it’s an old woman/young woman?" Encourage them to understand how we all see things differently. Discuss how everyone has different perceptions and perspectives. Our differing backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences shape how we react to situations. One way to foster the value of different perspectives is through art....

Street, Dresden, Kircher, 1919.
Museums · 10-10-2014
A few years ago, my fifth grade gifted and talented students completed a unique research project. Specifically, we sent letters to museum directors asking for input about one object, artifact, work of art, or a creative selection from their museum's collections. The selection could be a personal favorite, possess significant cultural relevance, be a "best" example of its kind, tell a story, promote a new idea, or expose students to a new experience. The purpose of the project was to provide...

Museums · 10-02-2014
I have written previously about how combining museums and teenagers can be a daunting combination. Typical teen behavior during museum visits can be viewed as resistant, at best. However, two museum educators are challenging that common assumption. In their experience, youth who begin tours in a defensive mood are often the ones most engaged, and those who appear “checked out” are often “profoundly impacted by their museum experience.” These educators have learned to take resistant...

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