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Try Padlet to Create and Collaborate
Museums · 04-28-2015
In the past, I have used Evernote and Delicious to organize my online resources, but thanks to the expertise of edtech teachers, I recently started experimenting with another online tool, Padlet. Social bookmarking services, (Delicious, Diigo, LiveBinders) allow users to “tag” their bookmarks and search for additional resources and are useful when collecting a set of resources to share with others. For example, in an art class, students can bookmark online museum collections and add their...

Happy Earth Day
Resources · 04-21-2015
To celebrate Earth Day and National Poetry Month, environmentally responsible third graders remind us (via an acrostic poem) to: conserve what we have, reduce what we consume, and recycle what we finish.

Celebrate National Library Week

Museums · 04-09-2015
A few years ago, my fifth grade gifted and talented students completed a unique research project. Specifically, we sent letters to museum directors asking for input about one object, artifact, work of art, or a creative selection from their museum's collections. The selection could be a personal favorite, possess significant cultural relevance, be a "best" example of its kind, tell a story, promote a new idea, or expose students to a new experience. The purpose of the project was to provide...

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