Create a Whimsical Fairy House

A Leaf-Roofed Fairy House

If you and your children love the outdoors, walks in the woods, and playing make-believe, then you must create your own whimsical fairy house.  These small dwellings are filled with wonder, fun, and creativity.  Best of all, they can be made from things found in nature.  There is no need to purchase store bought materials.  Simply gather leaves, grass, acorns, rocks, shells, petals, pine cones, bark, sticks, etc. 

Build a dream house for any tiny creature, it doesn’t have to be a fairy. How about a little friends of nature headquarters, a cricket condo, or a  ladybug lodge?  Create the floor with leaves or pebbles.  Use small twigs or pine cones for walls and bark for the roof.  The possibilities are endless. 

The following houses were made at Mackworth Island, Maine.  The island trail offers beautiful views of Casco Bay and plenty of pine cones, tassels, driftwood, shells, and seaweed for fairy house inspiration.

At Mackworth Island you, “. . . may build houses small and hidden for the fairies, but please do not use living or artificial materials.  The best materials are found in the landscape of the village itself, but if you chose to bring in natural materials, please return with those that you didn’t use. . . This helps keep the fairies coming back.” 

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