Thinking About My Favorite Things

Thinking About My Favorite Things:  My mother's handmade baskets

Many of my favorite things are priceless, yet they are worth little money. I value them for sentimental reasons. Some played important roles in my life, like my first stuffed animal.  Others are associated with beloved family members, like my mother’s handmade baskets or family photos. 

We learn much about the world through the objects we save and treasure.  An object’s sentimental or symbolic significance reveals our customs, interests, values, and traditions.

Examining the role of “favorite things” is a creative way for children to express their interests and feelings.  Ask children to think of (or bring in) an object that is special to them.   How does the object represent their interests?  What impact does it have on their lives?  Use the following questions to expand their thinking:

What is the object? 

What makes it a favorite thing?

When and how did you receive it? 

What is the object used for?

How does it make you feel? 

What does the object reveal about you and your life? 

How would your life be different without the object?


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Thinking About My Favorite Things

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