Developing Creative Fluency

A warm-up is a short activity at the start of a lesson.  Warm-ups help jump-start students' thinking and have many purposes including:

to introduce a new topic

    to reinforce skills

    to motivate students

    to prepare students to learn

    to assess how much students know

    to develop students’ creative thinking    

The following warm-up uses an everyday object, a measuring cup, to encourage students’ creative thinking.  It is adapted from Gilford’s Alternative Uses Task (1967) in which participants list as many possible uses for a common house hold item.  The warm-up develops fluency, which is the ability to generate new ideas.  Fluency, along with flexibility, originality, and elaboration are behaviors often associated with creativity.


List all the things a measuring cup can be used for (other than to measure ingredients).

Developing Creative Fluency:  List all the things a measuring cup can be used for

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