The Power of Feedback to Turn Things Around

If you are a parent or educator, you understand how feedback can increase children’s motivation and help them reflect on what they’ve learned.  By guiding children through their goals and focusing on progress, not perfection, feedback also helps children learn self-direction.  Recent research notes how effective feedback should link to learning objectives and be specific in nature.  The best feedback is not a letter grade but clear directions on how to improve.  If you’re looking for helpful ways to provide feedback for learning, TeachThought offers 20 excellent techniques.   

The power of giving feedback is evident in the following high school art student’s reflection about his photographs.  His teacher nurtured motivation, self-direction and confidence. 


The Power of Feedback to Turn Things Around

Umbrella, Created by Richard, Age 17, Black-and-white print from a digital camera, Art Teacher:  Don Cerrone

“I look at a some of my old photographs and ask myself, ‘Who did that?’  Mr. Cerrone turned things around for me and showed me that I actually could create photos that I liked and other people liked too.  Now I have confidence in what I do, and I am proud of my photos.  My teacher makes us work at what we are doing.  Sometimes I think I am finished, and he explains that I am not.  It’s good to have a teacher who talks to you about your work.  Mr. Cerrone doesn’t talk about good or bad, but instead how and why.  Nothing is wrong; it can just become more interesting.  One of the challenges for me was the rain, but in the end the rain really makes the shot.”   

The Power of Feedback to Turn Things Around

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