Children Talk About Their Art:  The Courageous Lion

Children have many ideas about the creative process and bring unique experiences to their artistic adventures.  Creating art helps them learn more about themselves, others, and the world.  Writing about their art  further refines their ideas, thoughts and experiences. 

The Courageous Lion by Leah, Age 6
The Courageous Lion, Created by Leah, Age 6, Grade 1, Art Teacher: Silvia Huggler

The Courageous Lion

Cut-paper collage

"Art allows me to use my imagination.  In art, I really feel free to show my creativity.  Maybe, I can even inspire the viewer.  I chose to make The Courageous Lion because I am a big fan of The Wizard of Oz.  I love the character of the lion.  It took a long time to make my collage, and I carefully planned everything.  I did a lot of work – I made paper by rolling a crayon and painting over it.  I tore and cut shapes, and then I arranged them all."  – Leah

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