Name Your Rose

Of all flowres metinks a rose is best.  William Shakespeare

Amadeus Mozart is an award-winning, bright red, climbing hybrid tea rose.  The healthy, large, yellow flowers of the Charles Darwin rose appear throughout the summer and autumn with a lovely scent of citrus and tea.  Anna Pavlova is a fragrant rose with pointy petals and straight sides.  The rose is considered the “Queen of Flowers” and comes in a variety of colors, scents, shapes and has a multitude of uses.  These distinct qualities make it the perfect flower for attribute-based writing activities.  For example, a child interested in history might research a historical figure’s life, then describe the attributes that person’s rose would include.  The same could be done for other well-known people (artists, authors, athletes, musicians, scientists), people the child knows (family members, friends, teachers), or places (national parks, monuments, cities).  Another idea is to have a child name a rose after herself, and describe its attributes.    

What attributes would a rose named after you have?  (The “Debra” would NOT have a “delightful arching” quality.  I am not the most limber person!) 

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