"Top Five" Biography Prompts

Top Five Biographical Prompts

I have been reading a few picture book biographies in preparation for an upcoming nonfiction unit.  A good biography has the ability to foster new interests and can be inspiring to children. They especially enjoy reading information about a subject’s childhood.  After reading a biography, many children love to share their knowledge about the person with others.   The following “top five” prompts can be used as a choice menu for children. Have them select their favorite prompt to identify, summarize, and highlight the person’s significance and life experiences.  

Biography Top Five

List the top five. . .

  • Important events in the person’s life. 
  • Ways the world would be different if the person had not existed.
  • Questions you would ask the person.
  • Challenges the person faced.
  • Accomplishments of the person.
  • People you would introduce the person to.  
  • Things people should know about this person.
  • Ways this person’s life was same/different than yours.
  • Pieces of advice the person might give to others.
  • Words you would use to describe the person.  Why did you select each word? 

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