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Some of My Best Friends are Books:  Guiding Gifted Readers from Preschool to High School

(Third Edition) by Judith Wynn Halsted, M.S.

Now in its third edition, this resource is helpful in selecting a variety of books for your child.  In addition to discussing the social and emotional needs of gifted/talented children, there is information about choosing books that challenge readers.  The annotated bibliography, organized by grade level, also includes recommended books from earlier editions. 

“Because gifted students often intensely identify with characters in books, it is important for them to read well-written books with complex characters and plots. When the characters in the books face some of the same issues and concerns that the gifted reader is facing, the child gains new insights into his or her own problems or worries, as well as potential ways of handling them . . . Well-selected books also can help gifted children learn new social and emotional skills, while at the same time fostering intellectual and creative development."
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