Perspective Matters

Everyone has unique perspectives.  Our differing backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences shape how we react to situations, problems, and conversations.  Gifted children possess many strengths, including the ability to view things differently - a perspective that is occasionally unappreciated. 

 One way to foster valuing different perspectives is through art.  The following symmetry painting activity is an opportunity for children to understand how we see things differently.


Children make the paintings by putting a few drops of paint on paper, folding the paper in half, and then rubbing the paper to spread the drops. Once opened, the paper yields interesting shapes.


Next, the children rotate their finished symmetry paintings to share different views.  With every rotation, the children see different creative things, which promotes a lively discussion about recognizing and appreciating different perspectives. 

If your children enjoy art and creative thinking, they will appreciate the book, Inkblot by Margaret Peot. 

“… Upbeat, practical, and nearly irresistible, this may just be the go-to book on inkblot art.”

–       Booklist (American Library Association)      


Visit her website too - It's filled with creative inspiration for all ages. 


Symmetry Paintings (grades 3-4)                                                           What do you see?


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