Creative Questions Cube


What is Cubing?


Cubing is an educational strategy that is great for children who like to play games - and what child doesn't like to play games? It makes use of an instructional cube, which is a 6-sided figure that has a different activity or question on each side (face) of the cube.  Children roll the cube and complete the activity that lands face up. 


The cube below has a “twist” because instead of having children answer a question, they must supply an answer.  For example, the cube may land on the answer, “Only when I have to.”  The child (or group of children) must brainstorm questions that have that answer, such as, “When do I make my bed?”


This "twist" encourages flexible thinking and is lots of fun because of the creative outcomes.  Once children get the hang of it, they can make their own Creative Questions Cubes. This is a great activity for ages 8+. 


Creative Questions Cube Instructions


1.  Cut out the diagram.  


2.  Fold and glue on the lines to form a cube.


3.  Roll the cube.


4.  Read the answer on the face of the cube.


5.  Brainstorm questions for the answer.   


Example:  Answer:  Only when I have to.  


Question:  When do I make my bed?


6.  After using this cube, make your own with different answers.                                           

Creative Questions Cube
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